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One of the aims of the World YMCA Refugee Assistance is the support of local refugee projects.
From Johnny Weissmuller, famous for his performance of Tarzan to Michael Phelps
It was a terrible attack in which many precious lives were lost were lost and huge number of people severely injured
Hello! My name's Anastasiya (left) yes, like a princess in the cartoon you have probably watched.
The YMCA movement has received overwhelmingly positive response
Put June 6th in your diary and planner now!
My life as a young person – my life didn’t really exist until I became empowered to live my life for myself.
Farewell the outgoing APAY General Secretary, Mr. Kohei Yamada and welcome the incoming APAY GS, Mr. Nam Boo Won.
Today the YMCA stands alongside those impacted by HIV/AIDS on World AIDS Day
Alexander Drachuk has been involved in YMCA Belarus since its foundation.
YMCA One Million Voices is the YMCA's first global research programme.
In thoughts and prayers for everyone in France and Lebanon.
The YMCA has conducted the world’s largest research program of young people
After years of intense negotiations the United Nations have reached around a new framework for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
Our calling is to keep hope alive in times of despair and persecution,
A YMCA Change Agent reflection on global training
It was, it's fair to say, the opportunity of a lifetime
The photo shows the modern new water tank now installed in the YMCA Nepal building in Kathmandu.
I am delighted to advise that the Guinness organisation has confirmed that the YMCA
Our hearts are heavy with the stories of the terror attacks
Registration is open
It’s been already a few months since the end of the World Council and this was an unforgettable experience!
It would have been impossible to imagine this moment three years ago. An amazing journey towards youth empowerment.
Frank Kiehne had a very long career in the YMCA, he served as Secretary for Refugees for the World Alliance of YMCAs in the 80's
President Nelson Mandela was a shining light and a moral force, an amazing icon for all of us
He was appointed “Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau”
Being at the UN climate talks can be frustrating, to say the least.
With the passing away of Egon Slopianka the YMCA movement has lost one of its most skilled leaders
Jean-François Reymond former Executive Secretary at the World Alliance of YMCAs died at the age of 94
Another good example of youth empowerment through active participation
The Executive Committee has expressed its vision for the future and so has the meeting of the National General Secretaries. Now the question is: Wha...
We are planning for 1,500 people to come together
Many times I gave up, many times I thought that fighting is not going to make a difference
The theme for this year’s Week of Prayer is “Be the Change ” and it will take place from November 10 to 16.
Dr Pamela Davies, Member of the Executive Committee of the World Alliance of YMCAs will receive the John R. Mott Award.
Watch the video during the opening speech at the YMCA Europe Love 2 Live festival in Prague.
We have shared with our YMCA friends in Kenya and in Pakistan our deeply felt condolences
The World Alliance of YMCAs is delighted to send you more information about the YMCA World Challenge 2014.
A YMCA Change Agent’s First Hand Account of the 2013 Prague Event
Plusone mentoring is a programme developed and delivered by YMCA in Scotland that engages young people aged 8-14 years
During the Love2Live Festival in Prague organized by YMCA Europe, 200 YMCA Change Agents from 72 countries came
Samy is fine, Canadian YMCA friends talked with him yesterday. They also had to make numerous attempts before they could come through.
Ian Green has been hired part time to work with the staff team in Geneva.
Young leaders from Europe and the Middle East met for one more regional training for the new generation of leaders
YMCA’s around the world are giving space to youth in their communities to grow and realize their potential.
YMCA Europe is very well know for the Prague festival. The third one will take place this year from August 4th to 10th 2013.
It gives me great pleasure to greet all of you, thousands of young Europeans, gathered in Prague for the YMCA Love 2 Live festival
It was truly inspiring to receive the news today about the first visit outside the Vatican of Pope Francis.
We invite you to begin your plans to participate from June 29 to July 5, 2014.
Denise was appointed Interim Chief Executive in January after the departure of Ian Green. Her career with YMCA spans more than 25 years
In term of youth work there is such an Alliance informally called the Big 6.
Most organizations develop a strategic plan to lay out the organization’s direction and strategies to move forward.
The World Alliance of YMCAs is delighted to share the news that Peter Posner has been awarded an “O.B.E.”
Being a change agent is to be a person interested in helping others, to know how to change and to continue to maintain an active involvement in chang...
The marginalization and exclusion suffered by indigenous peoples is a disgrace for the whole society in many areas of the world.
He was a member of the Governing Board of the Latin American Confederation of YMCAs, President of the Montevideo YMCA, President of the YMCA Universit...
The YMCA Resource Group on the Environment (YMCA-RGE) invites you to submit your video.
On June 6th the YMCA celebrates one more year of existence. The rich history of our global organization has been written every single day
On the weekend of 17th-19th May, the ICMYO Task Force met in Geneva at the international office of the World Alliance of YMCAs
"A day in Jerusalem” is an innovative programme being implemeted by the East Jerusalem YMCA with the support of the East Jerusalem Ys Men and Women...
Sixteen young people from 9 YMCAs of the Asia and Pacific Alliance recently completed the green ambassadors training in Hong Kong
Those were the words of Rami Shuhaibar, a Change Agent from Palestine, during the Training for Change Agents in Cairo, Egypt.
“This is an important achievement not only for the Members and leadership of the Sierra Leone YMCA but for the World Movement as well."
Abraham Martinez , 1st participant of the new World Alliance staff placement programme, completed his three month experience today.
In April, 2013 NAYDO (North America YMCA Development Organisation) held their annual conference under the theme ‘Bringing People Together’ in Van...
Through a consultative process, YMCA world leaders agreed on Youth Empowerment as the core focus of the YMCAs.
Once again, YMCA leaders have raised the issue of youth employment as a high priority for global action.
“Do you believe you can change the world?” asked Norwegian Minister of International Development, Heikki Holmas to a 300-strong crowd
The World YMCA’s One Million Voices research project with young people aged 15 to 24 is gathering momentum.
The 63rd Executive Committee of the World Alliance of YMCA will take place from 4-7 April, hosted by the East Jerusalem YMCA in Jericho. The Executive...
One leadership training is pretty much like another, right? Not so, would be the answer of the S2C ( From Subject to Citizen)
The journey for change aims to equip the Change Agents with leadership skills to become the change themselves
We have sent a message of condolences to our YMCA friends in the YMCA of the USA.
The YMCA Big Heart Project is the survivor-support creation of the YMCAs of Japan
Emilio Castro, Methodist Pastor and former General Secretary of the World Council of Churches passed away
Last Easter I was in Nairobi, Kenya, and this Easter Sunday I will be in Jerusalem.
From February 27th to March 2nd of this year, 14 Change Agents came together from all over Latin America for a fun week of team building and training ...
We have a new Pope, Francis, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires. I met him during my visit to Argentina last year
The World Alliance of YMCAs office in Geneva is currently recruiting for one new junior level post.
On February 11, 2013 Samuel Díaz Fernández Littauer from the World YMCA Youth Empowerment Team, spoke passionately on behalf of youth
An enthusiastic and diverse group of Africa’s young leaders gathered in Nairobi.
35 National General Secretaries are meeting with Secretary-General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik and his staff this week at Dunford House near London.
Selma Zaidi, Senior Executive Secretary for Movement Strengthening, provides an update on our global advocacy work on youth employment.
The Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) seeks to find and brin...
Romulo Dantas, Executive Secretary for Youth Empowerment, reflects on youth empowerment as our global focus.
Two very inspiring life changing stories emerged from The YMCA Black Country Group in November 2012
Carlos Sanvee, Advisor to the Secretary General, Communication and Branding, talks about the WAY's transition from print to digital communications.
The Y’s Men are among the YMCA’s oldest friends because of our mutual concern for young people.
Secretary-General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik sets our sights on the year ahead and the opportunity to work collaboratively for greater collective impact.
In the World Alliance of YMCA we are flying the flag of youth empowerment. Thank you for sailing with us, thank you for the sailing wind you give us!
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