Tanzania - National Council of YMCAs

Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1959

Membership Status:   Full Member

Full member of the World Alliance of YMCAs since: 1965

Brief YMCA History

YMCA in Tanzania came about through the efforts of the Churches in the town of Moshi, Kilimanjaro led by the Late Bishop Stephano Moshi. There was an exchange of correspondence between the Bishop and the World Alliance of YMCAs at Geneva in the years of 1957 and 1958. During this time young people from rural areas were migrating to the growing town of Moshi looking for white colour jobs. This trend encouraged unemployment and other social vices.


Mr. Hugo Cedergren, one of the Vice Presidents of the World Alliance of YMCAs and President of the Swedish YMCA visited Moshi, Tanganyika, convened at the KNCU Building with 26 founder members, witnessed the group ratifying the Paris Basis Manifesto on 28 April 1959, an action which founded the YMCA in Tanzania on that date.


The Swedish YMCA assigned a fraternal Secretary to the new Movement in 1961: Carol Carlson. He trained YMCA Secretaries for the new Movement. Since the inception of the Movement, three National General Secretaries have served the Movement, Justin Maeda 1961 - 1962, Jacob Mallya 1963 -1988, Stewart Lyatuu is in the office since 1988.


National Council Presidents include Bishop Stephano Moshi, (1959 -1976) Herman Sarwatt,(1977 -1984), Bishop Eliewaha Mshana (1984 -1991), Bishop Samson Mushemba (1991 - 1994) and the current President as from 1994 is Bishop Francis Ntiruka.


The YMCA in Tanzania has 14 Branches in the Country. Branches form the National Council which meets once in three years. It is the decision-making body of the Movement.

Mission Statement

The Tanzania YMCA Mission Statement was formulated by 14 local Branches. The National Executive Committee ratified it in 1998 and it was adopted at the National Council Meeting in June 2000.


Our Mission Statement as under mentioned summarises the basis

existence of Tanzania YMCA and what we do, to meet challenges we have




"YMCA seeks to manifest the Christian message for a genuine involvement to Young Men and Women with the vision of sustaining God's Creation and the wholesome of man, the family the Community and promote people's awareness towards their potentialities for self initiative in development and culture".

Main Programmes

We in the Tanzania YMCA are well aware of the special mission the YMCA is asked to carry out in the Community today and we have the endeavour in fulfilling important tasks to attain balanced development strides of the people, as well as empowering members with awareness mind of potentialities around them as stated in our Mission Statement.




The goals flow from the vision and give precise direction of our Organisation.


(a) To promote activities in each area of service. Our objective is to improve the ways of operation so that each Y facility may become a self-supporting unit through close co-operation and involvement with the community in service.

(b) To improve performance in schools VTCs/Kindergartens, also the courses of study.

(c) In order for our Training Institutions and curriculum to remain effective and to respond to emerging requirements, the existing programmes in the education sector will be modernised and technical courses will be introduced.

(d) To continue mobilising people to maintain and promote community Norms, Ethics and Nation's culture with greater emphasis on Christian based principles

(e) To improve and expand the facilities . All facilities and installations of the YMCA are utilised to capacity in carrying out the mission. Each of these, therefore shall be kept in good working condition. In conjunction with the existing and future requirements they will be given adequate care, expansion and increase in quantity.

(f) To continue giving scholarship to few Secondary school students whose families live below poverty line

(g) Provide training, awareness, programmes, projects, publications and other appropriate activities which shall enhance the awareness ability of the family (Father, Mother and Children) and promote care to vulnerable groups and environment care.

(h) Enhance inter movement co-operation with other YMCAs NGOs.

Address - National Office

Mr Stewart Lyatuu
Tanzania YMCA
P O Box 85

E-mail: ymcatanzania@gmail.com
Telephone: 00-255-27-275 2923
Fax: 00-255-27-275-1734

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