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Date of foundation of the YMCA: 1880
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Brief YMCA History

The Barbados YMCA was started in 1880. It was affiliated to the National YMCA in London and modelled its activities on those of the older association. The Barbados YMCA gained high esteem with the public because of its excellent work with the armed forces based on the island during the second World War. The association has exerted a Christian influence on all with whom it has come into contact through its courses camps and sporting events.

The Barbados YMCA has its facilities at Pinfold Street Bridgetown. The YMCA is supported financially by its own fund raising efforts, programmes, hostel services, and a small government subvention.

In the 1990s the Y.M.C.A suffered from loss of members and from reduced government assistance. The operation of some of its facilities was curtailed. In particular the canteen was closed. The 'Y' needs help to restore its facilities so that it can renew its services to the community and extend its operations

Mission Statement

Le processus visant la révision de la Mission de l'UCJG d'Angola a eu lieu du 29 novembre au 1er décembre de l'année 1999 au cours d'une réunion extraordinaire des Membres Exécutifs nationaux et régionaux de l'Alliance Nationale des UCJGs d'Angola réalisée à Luanda. 

La mission de l'UCJG d'Angola se définit comme suite: « Ayant comme référence la Base de Paris et les Principes de Kampala, l'UCJG d'Angola se définit comme étant une Organisation Chrétienne de Jeunes, Oecuménique où Jésus Christ est le Centre du Mouvement et dont la mission est de former, éduquer, encadrer les jeunes sur la base des principes chrétiens, promouvant le développement communautaire à travers l'implantation de programmes spécifiques. »

Main Programmes

The Barbados YMCA co-operates closely with the YMCAs in Trinidad & Tobago, in Guyana and Jamaica. Co-operation in the field of development has been established also with the Canadian YMCAs.

- Current major emphases and goals for next quadriennium:

- improvement of YMCA facilities and extension of programmes.

Address - National Office

Mr David Norgrove
Pinfold Street
Bridgetown 3

Telephone: 00-1-246-426-3910/435-2230

No YMCA accomodation available in Barbados.

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