Research supporting our advocacy – #IAMWHOLE

One of the outcomes we learnt from One Million Voices 1 and 2 was the urgent need for the world’s young people to have more information and assistance around their mental health. That’s why I am pleased to support the expanded efforts of #IAMWHOLECAMPAIGN on this year’s World Mental Health Day.

For the last two years you have seen us drawing circles on our hands to support young people’s mental health and the campaign this year includes WHOLE HOUR. I encourage all YMCAS to involve all your people on Wednesday October 10th by taking a WHOLE HOUR for themselves.

WHOLE HOUR aims to recognise and champion the importance of self-care and taking time to look after your mental health. We are encouraging people to take an hour out of their day (preferably from midday to 1pm) to do something to support their mental wellbeing.

Whether it is doing something active and healthy, creative and fun, mindful and thoughtful, or restful and relaxing, there are a variety of ways your YMCA can get involved and celebrate the things that make us feel good.

You u can download the campaign resources CLICK HERE or via the website.

Secretary’s General Message:

The Story of YMCA Empowering Young People

This is a story of change. The story of how the concept of Youth Empowerment has been embraced as the unifying identity of the YMCA. The story of how that happened.

It is the important story of our YMCA history that we must remember.

This book was made available for all at the 19th World Council and now it is offered to everyone for free – we just ask you to cover the cost of postage and pay 20 U$ donation via our on-line payment platform

You can also download a pdf version , click here