Travelling Along The NEW WAY

We are approaching Easter Sunday.  I used to preach in a mountain chapel in Norway every Easter Sunday. There was no way leading to that chapel, so we had to ski through white snow to reach it. The sunrise on Easter Sunday was always very special. The bright sunshine climbing over the beautiful mountains added a golden, shining colour to the landscape and the sunshine was reflected in the white snow.

This year I have no time for my mountain chapel. I am on the road to present the NEW WAY strategy.

I started together with Romulo in England last weekend at their National Conference under the theme “WHY GLOBAL?” It was an excellent weekend.

This week I am in Philadelphia, USA, together with Ken, our President, invited by the North American Urban Group (NAUG). This morning Ken and I presented the NEW WAY for this group of big, urban YMCAs. Best greetings from my friend Ken! Later this week I am going to Rocky Mountains to visit Estes Park, the venue for the World Council in 2014. From there I travel to Long Beach YMCA outside Los Angeles to visit some interesting Youth Empowerment programmes. Later that week I end up in Anaheim, close to Los Angeles, where there is a NAYDO – conference, North American YMCA Developers’ Organization, where I am going to present our NEW WAY Fundraising strategy together with Selma.

And the tour goes on……

In the middle of a busy agenda I remembered the sunrise in the Norwegian mountains on Easter Sunday. The sunrise is like a symbol of God’s NEW WAY through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

God’s NEW WAY brings us hope and future and joy and eternal life.

I am wishing you a blessed Easter!

Warm regards


Estes Park in the United States of America will host the 18th World Council of the World Alliance of YMCAs in 2014

The Executive Committee of the WAY met in Geneva March 31 – April 2 and decided that the next World Council will be held in the USA from June 29th to July 5th, 2014.

The meeting also unanimously passed the NEW WAY strategy 2011-14 with an overall strong focus on young people and with five strategic priority goals, that are: Youth Empowerment, Movement Strengthening, Resource Mobilization, Branding and Communications, and Constitution and Governance.

The Executive Committee also received exciting reports from the Partners In Progress project, a next step in the coming branding process of the global YMCA.

The meeting was presided over by Ken Colloton, President of the World Alliance, together with the Deputy President – Fernando Ondarza, Treasurer – Helen McEwan, and Committee Chairs – Vezi Mncwango for Governance and Patricia Pelton for Image and Impact. Twenty seven members of the Executive Committee were present from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Canada and the USA.
The Governance, Image and Impact, and Finance Committees approved their Terms of Reference and agreed on the priorities for focus in 2011. Reports were received from the Investment Committee and the John R. Mott Foundation.
The World Alliance Executive Committee received a special report on the response and actions of the YMCA of Japan to the current crisis caused by the earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear facility breakdown. Prayers and support are offered to the Japanese people.

The World Alliance extends thanks to the volunteers for their vision and support. The minutes, committee reports, and supporting materials will be available on the extranet for further reference.

We wish safe travels to all Executive Committee members and YMCA staff as they return to their homes.

Principles of Partnership between the World Alliance of YMCAs (WA) and Y’s Men International (YMI)

During the opening day of the World Alliance of YMCAs executive meeting on 1 April in Geneva, the Principles of Partnership between the World Alliance of YMCAs (WA) and Y’s Men International (YMI) were reaffirmed. The signing of the document by WA Secretary General, Johan Vihelm Eltvik and YMI Secretary General, Takao (Nishi) Nishimura was witnessed by the meeting participants.

The tradition dates back to the first signing of the document in 1981 and is a commitment by both Secretaries General to deepen the relationship between the two organisations and together develop new ways to support the YMCA and the communities in which it is present throughout the world.

Now it is suggested that the Principles of Partnership be adopted at Area and Regional levels to seek a closer relationship between YMI and the YMCA.