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YMCA Global Citizenship Book now available

15 Nov. 2011

The World Alliance of YMCAs is pleased to offer the new book: Global Citizenship and Social Movements – A YMCA Perspective.

Edited by Dr. Park Jai Chang, this book is a collection 17 essays on Global Citizenship, classified under 4 broad headings: Conceptual Base, Education, Major Trends in a Globalizing World and YMCA Movement in a Globalizing World.

The book addresses issues ranging from the Theoretical or Philosophical Bases of Global Citizenship, Why to Teach Global Citizenship in the YMCA, Environmental, Peace and Poverty Issues, to Value Based Governance in YMCAs, plus many more.

It is a rich resource in the understanding and impacts of the various facets of Global Citizenship and an in depth examination of an extremely complex subject.

The YMCA adopted the theme “striving for global citizenship for all” at the 17th World Council in 2010 and it is also encompassed in the NEW WAY strategy 2010-2014 as a crosscutting perspective in all the strategic goals.

We recommend the book for anyone interested in Global Citizenship and the YMCA perspective on that issue.

Global Citizenship and Social Movements - A YMCA Perspective / Edited by Jai Chang Park  Hong Kong : Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs and World Alliance of YMCAs 2011 .- 346 p.

We are offering the book at no charge but ask for a donation towards the postage of $US10  (or more if you can contribute a greater amount) - please place your order and make your  donation online >>>>

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