Blessed Easter to all of you

Yesterday life was in full colour. Today the world is in black and white. It is Good Friday morning. I am on the countryside in Sweden. I wake up to a world in black and white. Snow covering everything. White snow framed by black trees and black branches and black stones. Like in the photo above.

I hear the Bible texts read in the churches all over the world. Words about anger and aggression: Crucify him! Crucify him! The Son of Man, The Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, innocent like white snow. Framed by black deeds and violence, ugly words of judgement and treason. "Son of God - Save yourself!"
"I do not know this man!"

Then three crosses made from trees. Maybe like the three Swedish apple trees in the photo above?

Good Friday is in black and white. The message from Good Friday is the message about the deepest friendship. It is about Him, who gave his life for his friends.

It covers all my treason and weakness like a carpet of snow. Like on the countryside of Sweden this morning. The morning of Good Friday.
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