6th World YMCA Peace Boat

Welcome to the 6th World YMCA - Peace Boat Voyage travelling to Panama, Nicaragua and El Salvador from June 24 – 30th, 2017.

You are invited to join YMCA colleagues from around the world to:

• Explore the role of your YMCA in a global society

• Expand your leadership skills and resources to launch YMCA Global Citizenship Programs at your YMCA

• Experience YMCAs in Panama and Nicaragua

• Engage with a network of YMCAs and leaders committed to Global Citizenship for Youth Empowerment.

This exciting program takes place aboard the Peace Boat.

Since 2015 the World YMCA and Peace Boat have partnered towards their mutual goals of promoting youth empowerment and building a culture of peace and sustainability. 

The Peace Boat provides a unique, neutral and mobile space for building peace through international exchange and dialogue.

Please see the attached brochure with itinerary, cost and registration form. Your participation in the voyage also supports the Youth Empowerment agenda of the World YMCA Movement.

Please direct all enquiries to Mr. Jose Varghese, Executive Secretary for Leadership Development and Resource Mobilization via jose@ymca.int.

Warm regards,
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General


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