18th World Council - We are one year in advance of the World Council

We are one year in advance of the World Council – Empowering Young People - in Estes Park, Colorado. We invite you to begin your plans to participate from June 29 to July 5, 2014. We anticipate the World Council will be a transformative and highly motivating experience of our global movement coming together to share, learn, celebrate, and build on the work of NEW WAY.

We are on a journey of change and discovery of our collective potential and impact worldwide as the YMCA. We are Waking the Sleeping Giant by learning where we have come from, what we had, what we can be, and seeing where our vision will take us. We are building a process for unity, visibility, and change. We are building momentum and we are engaging in new ways with our local and national YMCAs. We are moving forward from a NEW WAY to OUR WAY so that our collective of 119 national YMCAs reaching 58 million people worldwide will become more visible and recognised – through our YMCA change model of Space, Transformation and Impact worldwide.

Visit the website to learn more! See you soon!

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