Together for Ecuador - report on the earthquake

A devastating earthquake of a magnitude 7.8 in the Richter scale struck off the coastal area of Ecuador and Colombia on Saturday April 16 at 6:58pm. It is the strongest earthquake in the history of Ecuador and the most destructive since 1987. According to the Ministry of Risk Management of Ecuador and the Geophysics Institute of the National Polytechnic School of Ecuador, more than 1,504 aftershocks were felt in the subsequent days, including two of magnitude 7.1 and 7.2 in the Richter scale.

At least 660 people lost their lives and more than 6,200 were reported injured according to government officials. The most affected area was the province of ManabĂ­.

The YMCA of Ecuador immediately deployed a coordination and response team to give immediate care and attention to the affected communities of Alluriquin, Pedernales, Jama (el Matal), Jama (Jama), San Vicente (Canoe), Portoviejo, Chone, Tosagua (la Chipornia) Rocafuerte (Charapoto) and Muisne. The families were selected based on the level of affectation and need of priority attention.

Please download  the report in pdf format, full report (8 pages) with statistics and figures, click here
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