How Can I Provide or Receive Support?

GOP is for everybody !

Whether you’re a YMCA from a wealthy or developing country, whether you’re a senior manager, a youth leader or volunteer, the tools provided for Movement Strengthening can help make your YMCA stronger and more relevant to the people you aim to serve. Use the three pillars for Movement Strengthening to regularly assess your YMCA and programs. 

Join a partner group

Do you have some time and professional skills in management, finance, or working with youth and communities in different programmes? If that is the case, you might want to become a member of a Country Focus Group. Express your interest to your national YMCA, who in turn will contact the Area Alliance or the World Alliance.

Share your knowledge and experience!

YMCA practitioners around the world meet in networks and forums to discuss their experiences and exchange new ideas.

Send us what works best for you!

The World Alliance is about to collect ideas and programmes that work particularly well in your YMCA and that could be replicated in other YMCAs. If you think you have a good practice to share, send a description of your programme with photos and testimonies to the World Alliance and tell us the secret of your success. We will then share it through our website.

Support the costs of GOP!

It is not easy to find donors to finance GOP, because it is about making the YMCAs ready so that it can deliver programmes that donors want to pay for.  If you are able to support this process financially, you might want to send a donation to the World Alliance, marked “GOP”. Participants to Country Focus Groups often support the process directly by paying for their travels and supporting parts of the GOP budget.

Inspire and enrich your YMCA!

By sending YMCA members or staff on GOP field visits, providing donations to support a Country Focus Group, or by publishing success stories about GOP in your newsletters, members of national and local YMCAs often experience a fresh dynamic and inspiration for their own work as well as a deep sense of global solidarity.

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