What is the GOP (Global Operating Plan)?

It’s about partnership and sharing

Realising that the YMCA family has a treasure of knowledge and good practice, human and financial resources that can be shared and multiplied, the World Alliance developed the Global Operating Plan (GOP) for Movement Strengthening to help YMCAs grow stronger and more relevant.

It’s a guide on how to work together

GOP serves as a guide and offers a co-ordinated approach to the international co-operation work of the YMCA. GOP encourages YMCAs to work hand in hand with other partners, rather than doing things alone. 


The multilateral platform provided by GOP is a meaningful way of addressing problems from the past, like overlapping efforts, dependency and intransparency that may occur in only bilateral relationships between YMCAs.

It’s a tool for change and renewal

But GOP is also a tool that helps every YMCA, be it affluent or in a poor setting, weak or strong, to regularly reflect on its own work, take a critical look at established practices and have the courage to embrace change when necessary. GOP helps YMCAs become vibrant and more relevant to the communities and young people it serves. GOP is not only about sharing resources but also about mutual reflection, learning and strengthening each other. Finally, it’s about advancing in the spiritual journey that many YMCAs seek.    

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