* Movement Strengthening

What is it?
It is a system for global action and cooperation to support the long term sustainability of targeted national YMCAs.The Movement Strengthening framework is based on the three pillars of mission, mission clarity, social relevance and institutional viability.   It also has leadership as a crosscutting perspective.  Movement Strengthening is a coordinated approach for local-to-local partnerships, technical and programme exchanges, resource mobilisation and joint global projects.

In 2017 there are 3 significant developments that will be shared with the movement:(i) New Strategy for 2018-2022. This will be the start of the consulatation process. This also includes  an evalutaion of movement adoption of OUR WAY and an update on the YMCA statistics in the ‘Blue Book’.(ii) Revised Governance Policy Agreement (iii) YMCA Safe Space resolution.

Why we do it?
To guarantee that YMCAs will continue to be relevant to young people and communities now and in the future by building on the achievement of more than 170 years of existence.

Expand: think creatively about new ways to do Movement Strengthening  Invite: more YMCAs and more YMCA leaders to engage in Movement StrengtheningShare: widely the results of activities with YMCA partners and supporters

Who will do what?
National and Local Levels:  National and local movements are implementing new initiatives and will be responsible for sharing resources as a form of support to other YMCAs all over the world.

Area Levels: The area level is the key level for implementing initiatives that increase movement strengthening within the region.

Global Level:  The World YMCA is responsible for monitoring and reporting on movement strengthening as well as leading by example by implementing projects that have a global reach as we seek to continue to work across the movement to improve leadership and governance.

Further information: Michal Szymanczak   michal@ymca.int