Resource Mobilisation

What is it?
Resource mobilisation is strategically focused actions taken by YMCA’s at all levels to mobilise the necessary resources to deliver our mission.

At a global level it includes:
Property Development: providing global expertise to support YMCAs to develop under-utilised properties.

Research: additional resources will enable OUR WAY’s research commitment to take us deeper and wider into more YMCAs and hear from more young people.

Refugee Initiatives: bringing our commitment to support refugees as an ongoing programme.

Social Enterprise: income-generating activities to finance the implementation of OUR WAY strategy. These activities include Peace Voyages (in partnership with The Peace Boat), cook books, Alternative Tourism and other initiatives.
YMCA Change Agents: a continued commitment to the ‘Invest in Youth’ campaign to mobilise financial resources to support up to 400 YMCA Change Agents participating in cohort 3 (2017/18)

Programme Sponsorships: Mobilise funds through sponsorship for programs such as NGS Meeting , YMCA World Challenge , World Council , etc .
Join Initiatives: targeted fundraising projects focused on youth empowerment – for youth employment, health, civic engagement and the environment.

Why we do it:
To guarantee a broad and diversified resource-base for the YMCAs long-term sustainability.

Identify: Ways your YMCA can be involved and support these innovations
Grow: Explore opportunities for global sharing
Mobilise: resources creatively to support the movement

Who will do what?
National and Local Levels: National and local YMCAs are developing new skills for resource mobilisation as well as making available expertise and resources for others to support our collective capacity.

National YMCAs will work with the World YMCA to support fundraising for global resource mobilisation projects through scientific foundations and other sources.

Area Levels: Area movements are developing and implementing capacity building initiatives as well as coordinating joint access to regional funding opportunities

Global Level: The World YMCA is committed to coordinating resources, raising funds and offering technical assistance. The World YMCA will work with all level of YMCAs to fundraise for these projects in a collaborative way within national territories.

Further information: Jose Varghese