World YMCA Staff Placements

What is it?

The World YMCA offers YMCA staff from across the globe the opportunity to join the World YMCA office in Geneva on a short-term placement.
Staff Placements work on specific projects within the OUR WAY strategy: youth empowerment, movement strengthening, resource mobilisation, and communications.

Why we do it…

Goals of the Staff Placement Programme:
• Offer professional development experiences to YMCA staff or volunteers from a member National Movement, Local YMCA, or Area YMCA Organisation.

• Develop increased capacity to work on strategic initiatives for increased organisational capacity and sustainability of YMCAs around the world.

• Support the implementation of the worldwide Youth Empowerment change model and framework, with special focus on research, resource mobilisation, and communications.

• Expand the YMCAs’ collective image and impact (with capacity, resources, and knowledge) to be made available to the worldwide YMCA movement on youth empowerment, movement strengthening, and resource mobilisation.

The staff member will return to their local and national YMCAs with increased leadership skills and competencies and an expanded network of organisational contacts and relationships.


Launch: Staff Placement places are open and available for applications and we encourage YMCA leaders to apply via their NGS.

Develop: Development plans for each Staff Placement are tailored to each successful applicant.

Who will do what?

National and Local Levels: The YMCA agrees to second the professional staff person to the World YMCA headquarters office for a 2 or 3-month (consecutive) period with the salary to be paid by the sending YMCA and to maintain the staff person as an employee, cover the round trip airfare of the staff person and their ongoing salary during the placement period.

Area Levels: Assist with information and support.

Global Level: World YMCA will cover the cost of accommodation, food, local travel for the time whilst in Geneva.

Further information: Selma Zaidi