2019 YMCA World Challenge

TIMELINE  2019 YMCA WORLD CHALLENGE                                               

January – February 2019

  • World YMCA delivers support materials to national movements looking to engage

February – May 2019

  • National movements recruit high-profile volunteers and begin promoting event internally

8 May 2019

  • World YMCA launches World Challenge publicly and announces 1.75 million minutes goal
  • World YMCA and national movements invite people to take part in the World Challenge event on 8 June to volunteer 175 minutes of their time to better the community

6 June

  • WAY, national movements and local YMCAs to release information regarding Founder’s Day and tease World Challenge events on 8 June
  • Social media call to share your volunteer activity under #YMCAChallenge and #YMCA175

8 June

  • World YMCA and national movements invite people from around the world to chronicle their volunteer experience online under #YMCAChallenge and #YMCA175
  • National movements/local YMCAs host their World Challenge event
  • National movements collect and log volunteer time in digital system managed by World YMCA
  • World YMCA communicates on progress and highlights volunteer stories from around the world

July 2019

  • World YMCA collates the volunteer data from around the movement
  • World YMCA selects stories from individuals and movements in preparation for a showcase at YMCA 175

4 August 2019

  • World YMCA announces World Challenge outcome
  • World YMCA honours individuals and national movements that have made an exceptional impact during World Challenge