A year from now: 20th YMCA World Council, Denmark, 3-9 July 2022

Date: 05 July 2021

World YMCA issued a video today to mark the start of the countdown to the 20th YMCA World Council on 3-9 July 2022 – a hybrid event which will be held part in person in Aarhus, Denmark, and part online. The video featured the logo chosen for the event to illustrate the theme ‘Ignite’.

‘It’s a moment to provide the spark and light the flame to take us forward. Specifically, we’ll be igniting our vision, our collaboration, and our solutions.’

The full text of the video:

On 3 July 2022, the 20th YMCA World Council will begin.

For the first time ever, it’s going to be a hybrid event.

We will meet in person in Aarhus, Denmark, and we will meet online.

That’s because we continue to monitor the Covid situation, and try and do the right thing.

The priority is for as many as possible to meet, one way or the other, at another vital moment for the global YMCA Movement.


Because our world and our YMCA has been turned on its head by this pandemic, and we need to reconnect: we’ve missed each other. We’re ready to respond to new learning, new imperatives, new roles, and new methods in supporting young people and their communities.

Which is why the World Council theme in 2022 is simply ‘IGNITE’.

It’s a moment to provide the spark and light the flame to take us forward.

Specifically, we’ll be igniting our vision, our collaboration, and our solutions.

The World Council itself is the global YMCA Movement’s highest decision-making body, bringing together all 120 National YMCA Movements.

More than that, it’s the biggest and most important shared space we have.

What do we hope to achieve? At least four things.

First, agreeing and adopting a new Movement-wide strategy, as we look towards a 2030 horizon.

Imagine: wherever we are in the world, we all agree on a common vision, mission and goals.

Our ‘North Star’….

Second, showcasing ‘solutions’, and specifically ‘youth-led solutions’ …

… sharing what we’ve done in identifying, supporting and seed-funding young people’s responses to their own challenges in their own communities, in areas like climate, jobs and mental health ….

… and working together – ‘co-llaborating’ in ‘co-labs’ across the generations – to develop and launch new youth solutions in line with Vision 2030.

Third, strengthening our governance as we elect new officers.

And fourth, just enjoying ‘family’ and fun, as we celebrate and enjoy who we are and where we’re from.

Imagine: the ‘great global good’ of the YMCA at play.

We really do refuel at World Council ….

Before we ‘IGNITE’.

And – in person – we’ll do all this in Aarhus, Denmark’s second city. A green and beautiful place, an old city with a young population, a port city with a view on the world ….

… and the stunning conference facilities of the city’s world-famous Concert Hall.

We’ll keep you posted about all the practical details. Register from 1st November.

Be there, in person or online. Join us to celebrate, to think, to plan, to connect. Be part of building our shared future.  See you soon, or vi sessnart in Danish. Stand by for ignition!