Executive Committee, 2022-2026

Officers & Secretary-General


Area Presidents, Past President, Y’s Men liaison, Co-opted member

Ms. Soheila Hayek, Lebanon


Deputy President
Mr. Ronald Yam, Hong Kong


Ms. CiCi Rojas, USA


Secretary General (non-voting)
Mr. Carlos Madjri Sanvee, Togo





Mr. Ronald Senghore, The Gambia

Ms. Nalisoa Andrianarivo, Madagascar


Asia and Pacific

Ms. Karren Joy Fetalvero, The Philippines

Mr. Christopher Lewis, Australia



Ms. Brenda Flaherty, Canada



Ms. Lena Schickhaus, Germany

Ms. Sarah Bremner, Scotland


Middle East

Ms. Maurine Kouba, East Jerusalem


Latin America and Caribbean

Mr. Cristiano Freitas Ristov, Brazil

Ms. Anaclara Rodriguez Canzani, Uruguay



Mr. Harvin Vallabhaneni, USA


Area Presidents
Dr Adrien Coly, Senegal, Africa Alliance
Mr. Chin-Seng Chen, Taiwan, Asia & Pacific Alliance
Ms Emma Osmundsen,  England & Wales, YMCA Europe
Mr. Gerardo  Medina, Peru, Latin American & Caribbean Alliance


Past President (non-voting)
Ms. Patricia Pelton, Canada


Y’s Men liaison (non-voting)
Mr. Kohei Yamada, Japan


Co-opted member (non-voting)
Mr Duncan Ingram, England & Wales

What is the Executive Committee?

[From the YMCA Constitution and By-Laws]



The Executive Committee shall consist of:

  • the Officers of the World Alliance elected by the World Council, each representing different geographic regions
  • eleven Members elected by the World Council representing different geographic regions, with a minimum of four being 30 years of age or under when elected, and a maximum of seven from the same gender
  • Presidents of Area Organisations recognised by the World Council
  • the Secretary General of the World Alliance, with no power to vote
  • the immediate Past President of the World Alliance, with no power to vote
  • the Y’s Men International liaison officer to the World Alliance, with no power to vote.

The tasks of the Executive Committee are:

  • to carry out the policy and specific instructions of the World Council, to complete all matters committed to its charge, and to act with all the powers of the World Council
  • to monitor the work, finances and personnel of the World Alliance
  • to undertake the planning and orientation of World Council meetings
  • to undertake such actions and responsibilities as required for the good governance of the World Alliance and as required by the World Alliance or World Council, in compliance with the Constitution, resolutions and all proposals of the World Council
  • to appoint the Secretary General
  • to represent the World Alliance in its relationship with other world organisations
  • to issue each year the call for observance by Young Men’s Christian Associations throughout the world for the Week of Prayer and World Fellowship.

Quorum for Executive Committee meetings

No meeting shall proceed to transact any business unless there is a quorum. A majority of the Executive Committee members shall constitute such a quorum.

A simple majority of Members present and voting shall suffice for a decision, and each Member present shall be entitled to one vote.

The number of abstentions does not affect the result of the vote.