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Vison 2030

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What is YMCA Vision 2030?

YMCA Vision 2030 is a Movement-wide Vision statement, Mission statement, and four key areas of activity.
Shared by us all.

“The world needs the YMCA more than ever. Despite the threat of disconnection,
YMCAs have connected and collaborated in unprecedented ways. We have adapted, connected and reset globally.

Our vision, mission and goals have been co-created for greater global impact.
Let’s step up, and into our future. Let’s allow young people to shape it.
Now is the time for one vision. It’s time for our Vision 2030”
– Carlos Sanvee, Secretary General, World YMCA

The four key Pillars of Impact – each with a Belief, a Pledge and three Strategic Goals attached

(English version)

(Version française)

(Versión en español)

Where we are

2019-2020: two years of consultation and co-creation, starting at our 175th celebrations and continuing through our collective debates reimagining ourselves in the face of COVID-19.

July 2021: a first draft of Vision 2030 is shared with the global YMCA family.

September 2021: World YMCA hosts four webinars to present Vision 2030: one in Spanish, one in French, two in English.

October 2021: phase 1 of the consultation ends, 15 October.

Topic: Vision 2030 Webinar 1 (ENG)
Start Time : Sep 8, 2021 09:48

Meeting recording

Access Passcode: u3KsP@+y

Topic: Vision 2030 Webinar 2 / Spanish
Start Time : Sep 9, 2021 15:45

Meeting recording

Access Passcode: @?e#rv3m

Topic: Vision 2030 Webinar 3 / French
Start Time : Sep 15, 2021 14:32

Meeting Recording

Access Passcode: 7*xT&KRS

Topic: Vision 2030 Webinar 4 / English
Start Time : Sep 16, 2021 15:40

Meeting Recording

Access Passcode: J6suI.RT

Where we are going

January-March 2022: Movement-wide Consultation Phase 2

July 2022: hoped-for adoption of YMCA Vision 2030 at the 20th YMCA World Council in Aarhus, Denmark – creating the possibility for every YMCA, at every level, to work together

Hear about YMCA Vision 2030 from our President and Secretary-General (July 2021)

Be involved

Every voice, every view counts – your National General Secretary in your own YMCA National Movement will coordinate consultations in your country.

At World YMCA, contact

Vision 2030 North Star
In 2044, the YMCA Movement will be 200 years old.
We have a fabulous history, and a fabulous future.

We are following our North Star, for our young people to thrive in the world we want to see.

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