As we are crying for the victims of another intolerable act of terrorism

Date: 24 March 2016

Injustice and discrimination lead to intolerable suffering around our
globe. Small kids in school are bullied. Young teens get destroyed on
social media. Workers loose all their self confidence in an unfriendly
office or in a discriminatory work environment. Women are sexually
abused or victims of male domination. Old people are treated like

Jesus spent his life fighting injustice and discrimination. Then He
gave his life for all of us. His resurrection from death is a
foretaste of the final victory over all injustice and we are inspired
by the light streaming from the empty grave.

Inspired to fight for bullied kids and teens struggling on Face Book,
fighting for the rights of women and refusing to discriminate against
any single person.

Easter is a challenging message about solidarity.

We are empowering young people till the end of time.

Inspired by Easter.