Being inspired through the Better Together initiative

Date: 03 November 2020

Last August 2020, World YMCA joined the Better Together initiative along with many other organisations. Launched by the professional development network Goodwall for five weeks, this digital programme gave an opportunity to young leaders, innovators and dreamers to share their ideas and actions for a better future.

In total, more than 50,000 participants coming from 150 countries posted online photos and texts about how they make an impact in their communities. They also responded to various challenges and had the possibility to hear from 60 inspiring speakers coming from diverse sectors such as sport, private business, NGOs and education.

About 35 YMCAs participated in the programme. Some of the posts shared by YMCA young people were highlighted on our website during the International Youth Day.

At the end of the five weeks, 40 participants were awarded for their actions, sharing 25,000 US Dollars of prize money between them. The Better Together initiative was a great opportunity for young leaders to expand their network, to make new friends and to upscale their skills. Congratulations to all the participants for their energy and creativity.

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