Blessed Easter to all of you!

Date: 28 March 2013

Last Easter I was in Nairobi, Kenya, and this Easter Sunday I will be in Jerusalem. I will be in a crowd of people, and they will be Jews, they will be Muslims and they will be Christians.

We all find our holy places in Jerusalem; we all have different historical events to celebrate there.

From Jerusalem I will go down to Jericho where we are holding our World YMCA Executive Committee meeting.

Jericho is regarded the oldest city in the world, more than 10 000 years old. It was also the place where Jesus was tempted to yield to the evil powers of the world.

Jesus did not. Therefore he had to go up to Jerusalem for the Easter time and sacrifice himself for all the evilness of this world. And that sacrifice includes you and me. We do not need any other sacrifice.

That is why we can go out and serve all the people we are called to serve through our blessed YMCA movement.

The photo above is my Easter greeting this year. It is a photo of light. It is in my mind the light that shines out of the empty grave on Easter Sunday.

Live in this light, and live in hope.