Calling young people to help steer a YMCA conversation on our Christian identity

Date: 29 September 2022

We seek two young people under 30 to join the YMCA Steering Committee which will pilot a Movement-wide conversation and consultation on ‘Exploring Christian identity, expression and narrative in the 21st Century global YMCA Movement – towards a unifying position’. We are journeying together towards a form of shared understanding anchored on our Christian origin and legacy, which has evolved to embrace and serve people of any faith and no faith. The Steering Committee broadly reflects geography, gender, and ‘Christian’ and ‘secular’ viewpoints, though we do not mean to create any artificial barrier of polarisation between the two, and fully recognise the complexity and diversity within those two words. Young people are encouraged to express their interest by 10 October 2022 to safespace@ymca.intintroducing who they are, their motivation for joining the group, and what they believe could be their unique contribution. 

2022.09.28 - 'Safe space' call for expressions of interest (2 youth members of Steering committee)