COP26 – What is all the fuss about?

Date: 04 November 2021

By Dwight Tomlinson

Dwight has mentored young people from 76 countries to tackle climate change and environmental preservation initiatives within their local communities.


COP26: “I’m here. I’m here. What do we have?”

World Leaders/UN:  “Patient’s name is Earth. She presents with CO2 poisoning with a recurring presentation in symptoms of oxygen depletion, food scarcity, heat waves leading to massive wild fires, eruptive volcanic activities, the rising of sea-levels. Her most alarming symptom is a deadly SARS virus which replicates into other life threatening variants. Her vitals are through the roof, and her antibodies (humans), seem to be performing reverse functions.”

Earth: “Doctor, what is wrong with me?”

COP26: “So on presentation you are symptomatic of Climate Change. You have an excess of a greenhouse gas that is causing your health to deteriorate rapidly. It appears that you have an autoimmune disease attacking your immune system which is causing this buildup of the gas.”

World leaders/UN: “How do we proceed, doc?”

COP26: “Alright. Let’s start with a series of targeted treatments with rounds of deforestation curtailing, lowering the carbon levels to 2030 zero emissions value point, creating a safe and nurturing environment for the shared community, and preserving our natural space and ecosystems.”

Our climate is ever-changing, and even as we pool our efforts to reduce emissions, this change will be consistently met with predicted adverse effects. So why meet? Why have a specific targeted conference to tackle climate change? Is it our hope to change the world? What is all the buzz about?

COP26 brings together thousands of influencers and change-agents in order to meet the climate change goals of a sustainable environment for years to come. However, the idea of changing the world for the better is one that appears to be overwhelming for all, and ignites many varying opinions. But have we been thinking about it all the wrong way…? COP26 has made it more practical by scaling things down to what really matters – working together in curtailing deforestation, lowering our carbon footprint, providing a safe and nurturing environment for our shared community, and preserving our natural space and ecosystems. How does it do this? By having the world in one place, meeting these challenges with innovations, and encouraging investment in the practical solution-based arguments put forward by all.

That’s what all the fuss all about. In its existence, COP26 provides a host of solutions with wide-ranging benefits, from producing oxygen and providing food and medicine, to filtering water, removing pollution, making use of our renewable resources, and developing a sense of empathy for each other by highlighting the symbiotic relationship we all share, contrary to what many may believe. It is the avenue through which we will attain our goals of a sustainable life on earth, providing consistent, comparable, and reliable information to strengthen our world leaders’ abilities to make decisions to generate long-term value that caters to society’s greatest needs.


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