YMCA at COP26: recap

YMCA-run events

Extreme Hangout: Climate Justice & Human Rights with Mair, Diana, Ylli & Kumi Naidoo

Extreme Hangout: Youth-Led Solutions with Rodrigo, Alicia, Rebecca, Shakil & Mike

Global documentary premier stream

Other side events

Green Zone: One Young World: Unlocking Climate Solutions with Diana

New York Times Climate Hub with Rachel “Bright Lights: Scottish Youth Climate Initiatives”

Extreme Hangout: Climate Resolutions with Diana

YMCA at COP26 produced videos

Sofia’s story

Meet Rodrigo

Video interviews in partnership with the Scottish Youth Film Foundation

COPTV with Mary-Jane & Rodrigo

COPTV with Mair and Rebecca

COPTV with Diana & Alicia

COPTV with Magda & Silke

UK National Channel 5 News with Rodrigo, Rebecca, Magda & Ylli


Alicia & Mair helped create this video on the issue of a Just Transition It highlights some of the fears and hopes of and for young people – today and into the future

Irish Climate Justice Advocates’ video piece with Mair

YMCA at COP26 latest news