Impact of COVID-19 in Italy

Date: 27 March 2020

The YMCA Siderno in Italy is closed since 9th March, so there is no way for all the staff, volunteer and young people to get to the YMCA.

For this reason, and following the rules that the government is giving, we can only work, in the area where is possible, from home (smart working).

This situation is reducing a lot the income of the YMCA and blocking many of our activities, like basketball, childcare and after school program, that we deliver daily.

As YMCA we are working using the digital platform offered from Google (Google for non-profit) to connect our young people.

We launched the Digital YMCA after school where we support all the young people for free during the day with homework and others. We are opening gradually to all the young people in the community. We are working with primary and secondary school students and we already create 3 digital classes.

YMCA will never die, even if a huge change will happen, we will find a way to keep delivering activity and support young people, in any way possible.

I think the World YMCA can start partnership with big digital company, like google or Microsoft, to increase the support for NGOs, so every YMCA can use digital tool to deliver activities.