Donate for YMCA Gaza

Date: 14 June 2021

We are launching an Emergency Appeal for YMCA Gaza, which has suffered tremendous destruction as a result of the recent bombings in the area.


On Sunday 16 May 2021, an air raid demolished a building adjacent to the YMCA Gaza’s facilities, causing extensive and direct damage to the building and to the entire surrounding area.
For 11 continuous days the Gaza Strip was bombed. Over 200 civilians lost their lives as a result. The YMCA Gaza’s offices and buildings suffered considerable damage and large parts were destroyed.
Currently there is a cease-fire agreement in place, which created the context for rebuilding.

Why this Appeal?

“We need to go back to normal life, and resume our normal work at the YMCA. We want to protect the mental health and well-being for our staff members, our volunteers and their families. YMCA is a breath of air and a refuge now for our community in this difficult time of destruction in Gaza”, shares Hani Farah, YMCA Gaza General Secretary.

Please make your contribution to re-establish essential community services for the children, youth and families of the Gaza Strip. Through this Appeal we intend to raise more than 20,000 USD in support of the rebuilding efforts of YMCA Gaza.

What is needed?

  • YMCA Gaza is committed to rebuild and to ensure both the required facilities and the mental health of its staff, volunteers, members and their families.
  • There is an urgent need to repair the destroyed or damaged facilities, from simple cleaning and replacing doors to complete renovations and rebuilding of some of the areas.
  • For those who are interested YMCA Gaza can also provide a detailed technical list with all the required expenses.


To donate, please go to our Donations page for YMCA Gaza