Easter Sunday remembering Korea

Date: 20 April 2014

This Easter Sunday 2014 I am celebrating in a little church in Illinois. The congregation is small, but there is a choir and a bell choir and there is a cross of flowers and there are candles burning. It is a beautifully decorated church and through it all the victorious message about the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ is penetrating the darkness from Good Friday.

In the middle of all these flowers and music and symbols of spring and hope and light, this little congregation in Illinois takes time to bow their heads and to pray for the young victims of the ferryboat tragedy on the shores of Korea.

It makes me feel so strongly that we are all part of a big family around this little globe of ours. If one part hurts, the whole body hurts. it also makes me feel so strongly that this prayer is appropriate in the middle of all the light and warmth and joy and hope.

I also bow my head and pray for the country of Korea and for its precious young people who lost their lives in the ferryboat tragedy. I just came from Korea a few days ago, and I had spent three days on the island of Jeju, where these young people where travelling to. Therefore it hits me hard and I feel it hurts so much to witness another tragedy where young lives are cut so abruptly and painfully.

I bow my head today and pray for mercy and compassion and comfort for all those families who lost their loved ones. And again this challenge fills my heart: We are sent to this world to share hope in darkness, to share light in the middle of hopelessness and to be close to all those who suffer.

In the little church in Illinois we all lift our heads after the prayer to greet the resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In His name death is no longer death. In his name darkness is no longer without light. In His name hopelessness is no longer the last station.