Emergency Appeal for Ebola Related Assistance

Date: 13 November 2014

Emergency Appeal for Ebola Related Assistance – to Protect and Care for our YMCA Family in the Midst of this Humanitarian Crisis: Appeal for USD 80,000

This emergency response is our second appeal for the YMCAs in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The continuing crisis and the cumulative forced administrative leave from work is causing great hardship. The YMCAs in Sierra Leone and Liberia have been working tirelessly to fight Ebola and we are asking for your care and compassion to respond. We need to act now together.

One of the consequences of the continuing crisis is the extreme hardship YMCA staff and their families are facing without income. Many of the YMCA staff are teachers. Schools have been forceably closed for months with unknown timelines when the situation will normalise. Hundreds of YMCA staff have lost salaries and suffered reductions in pay. The situation is worsening on a daily basis.

Through out this crisis, the Sierra Leone and Liberia YMCAs have been working hard to respond with awareness campaigns and prevention methods aimed to curb the devastation of Ebola and thousands of people have been reached. This work was supported with funds received from around the world. These YMCA have shown resolve as they continue to fight the battle to curb Ebola and we are humbled by their resilience and courage.

At the same time the YMCAs of Sierra Leone and Liberia have critical institutional needs, including income for livelihood and dignity. 

As dedicated servant leaders in the YMCA movement, they are in need and require are our assistance.

As a world movement, we share a commitment to Movement Strengthening. We ask you now to pledge funds for core support to provide livelihood and dignity for members of our YMCA family and to ensure the organsational wellbeing of the YMCAs in these countries.

Please act now and give to the Ebola Emergency Appeal at World YMCA, click here