World YMCA Emergency Fund for Staff and Retirees (Secours Speciaux)

What is the Fund for?

To provide financial support to YMCA staff (active or retired) and/or their dependents, facing emergencies such as medical bills, natural disasters, inadequate or no pension, problems created by political turmoil, and human rights violations.

 Who can benefit?

Those who are facing emergencies – YMCA staff at all levels with 5 or more years YMCA service and retirees who have retired directly from YMCA service.

For examples of previous financial support and an indication of past grant size,
Direct dependents of staff and retirees may also be considered where they cannot get help from other resources, such as their employers, church, government agency etc.

 Are there any conditions?

Every possible effort should be made to seek support first locally, nationally or on an area basis and/or in co-ordination with existing partner movements.

Only if funding is still needed should an application be made.

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