Examples of financial support

Size of Financial Support

Over recent years, grants averaging $5,918 have been made, 13 to Asia, 11 to Africa, 7 to Latin America and the Caribbean.

 Examples of Financial Support


A Caribbean YMCA staff member had to undergo a series of spinal operations.

Her national YMCA supported her for several months when she was unable to work.

Her national health insurance did not cover the costs.  Expenses for hospitalization and surgery, as well the subsequent follow up, were covered by the Fund.

Latin America

 The Fund provided payment for medication and treatment for a former Latin American YMCA professional, now passed away, who was paralyzed and needed constant care as his pension was insufficient to cover such expenses.


A retired Indian YMCA staff member received funding to treat his spinal cancer.


A YMCA Venezuela staff member died while visiting his children in the USA. His wife, unable to afford the unexpected tragic costs, received funding for the medical expenses and cost of cremation.


One-time small pension allowances were granted to some retired African YMCA Secretaries who did not have access to a pension plan, nor other sources to support their families or/and their reserves were hardly enough to live on.

Support was granted to the wife and children of a deceased professional of an East African YMCA who, due to war, was forced to flee to another country. The Fund provided basic assistance for food and lodging to assist this family to re-establish themselves in their new surroundings.