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Padares Series

03/07/2020 - 31/07/2020

Padare: Global Virtual Roundtables

World YMCA is organising our Global Virtual Roundtables – “Padare” series in July. This Padare series creates an opportunity for the Movement’s senior leaders, young leaders, staff and volunteers to deeply reflect on how the YMCA will respond in the post COVID-19 environment.

Our intention is to create ‘virtual’ circles of YMCA leaders and partners congregating around thematic areas of work that drive our collective passion. The Padare will be characterised by the exchange of wisdom between participants. This collective knowledge will be the fuel from which we will derive energy, the sharing of wisdom shall be our intent.  Through these Padares, we will share with each other the wisdom of our experience, learnings and knowledge to co-create a new and sustainable normal for our YMCAs.

The three focus areas are:

1.    Young People. How can the YMCA become a relevant and trusted partner for young people, helping build their own and their communities’ resilience in the face of global crisis (current Covid and future crises?)

2.    Financial sustainability. How can we build a sustainable economic recovery for the YMCA from the Covid-19 crisis?

3.    Adaptive YMCA. What does an adaptive YMCA look like?

This series will take place in July 2020, and invitations have been sent out to the Global Movement.