Explosion accident in Tianjin (China)

Date: 14 August 2015

Dear Mr Tu and dear all friends in the YMCA of China,

I am devastated to see on the news the tragic consequences of the explosion accident in Tianjin. So many people killed, injured and hurt from this terrible accident. In difficult times like this, it is important to know that we are part of a world wide family of YMCA friends, and all over the world YMCA leaders and volunteers are following the news from China and we are all thinking of you and praying for you and that all the victims of the accident may find comfort and help in all their painful situations.

Please convey my deep-felt condolences and feelings of solidarity with our YMCA friends in Tianjin, just now preparing for the big anniversary in September. You are all in our thoughts and prayers these days and please share with us if there is anything we can do to assist you in these difficult days. God bless you and keep you.

Warm and considerate regards

Rev. Johan Vilhelm Eltvik