Floods in Sri Lanka 328,000 People Affected! YMCAs Badly Affected!

Date: 11 January 2013

11 January 2013

Latest Update & Appeal for Assistance

A serious situation created by floods and strong winds in Sri Lanka has still continuing and affected nearly 328,000 people in 10 out of 25 districts in Sri Lanka in the provinces of Sabaragamuwa, North, East, West, Uva, Central, South, North Central and East. So far the floods have claimed 45 lives and 8 disappearances have been reported up to today. Two deaths, due to drowning, were reported from Pundaluoya and Hali-ella on Jan. 8 – 2013.

Meanwhile, the Meteorology Department warned that the showers would occur at times in the Northerm, Eastern, North-Central, North-Western and Central provinces today (January 9 ) and may spread to the Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern and Uva provinces. It added that the monsoonal winds could strengthen, up to 60 km/hr, from time to time, over the country and surrounding sea areas.

According to the statistics published by the Irrigation Department, around 51 tanks have filled to over 90 percent of their capacities while some tanks were overflowing. Twelve spill gates of the Kavudulla Reservoir and seven of the Minneriya Tank had been opened to allow the excess water to flow out. They said that if heavy rains continued, they would have to increase the rate at which the water was released.

Affected people are temporarily living in relief centers while majority of the affected families have moved in to live with their relatives and friends in safe areas (as customary for Sri Lankans). The National Disaster Management Centre has declared 5,463 houses as totally damaged and 26,506 houses severely damaged in the flood areas.

All the above mentioned Districts are in the rice belt of the Island and more than 50% of the paddy land and other crops have been totally destroyed depriving the farming families of their season’s livelihood. The real damage and destruction are yet to be calculated. The National YMCA is receiving situational reports from the local YMCAs in the affected areas.

Meanwhile the relief workers are faced with the problem of providing relief to the flood victims in the form of meals, drinking water, health care, temporary shelter, etc.. due to lack of resources and transport problems.

The Disaster Management Committee of the National Council of the YMCAs of Sri Lanka (DMC- NCYSL) is in touch with the communities who are in the YMCA operational areas in Mannar,Mathara, Batticaloa, Gomarankadawala,Trincomalee, Puttlam, Ampara and Vanni districts and taking steps in assisting their relief work.

The DMC- NCYSL is seeking assistance from friends and partners for help in their relief programmes for the affected communities to cope up with the situation and overcome this unexpected disaster.

In this connection we give below the details of a project proposal for your kind consideration and assistance:

Concern friends and partners, please contact the Sri Lanka YMCA….!

Name of the project : Sri Lanka YMCA Flood Relief  (Immediate and Early Recovery) Project

The Purpose:
The purpose of this  short term project is to assist the  communities who are affected by recent Flood situation and help them to reover and return to  normalcy.

• Support affected families in meeting their daily needs until they recover and restart their normal life.

• Supporting displaced families to return to their homes.

Target Groups
•  1,100 families which include children and widows.

Target Activities
I.    Distributing dry rations among 1,000 families.
II.    Repairing 100 damaged houses.