From Subject to Citizens in Armenia (S2C)

Date: 19 November 2013

“I have learnt to believe in myself, and evaluate my capabilities and opportunities that I have not seen inside me before.”
This is the conclusion of one the Armenian participants at the From Subject to Citizen Seminar. 50 youth from YMCAs of Armenia and Norway (YGlobal )  where gathered for a week end training on S2C. It was in October in Vanadzor, Armenia.

Flip charts, colored pens and post-its everywhere. Countless cups of coffee and tea.  The youth have participated in plenary discussions on gender roles, corruption, apathy of youth and much more. They underwent deep reflection on root causes of problems in their societies and how they can be part of the solution and what we can do to create a more just society. “I learned how I as a person can change myself and then change others” commented one of the participants. It’s about having claiming space, transformation of yourself and others, to create an impact.

Gil Harper, Africa Alliance of YMCA’s Executive Secretary for Communications and International Affairs facilitated the training. She had come all the way from Durban, South Africa.

One of the main results of the debriefing session was a question and a conclusion “How many other organizations could get youth together who are from such different backgrounds but within 2 days can reach an understanding of their differences and commonalities, knowing that we are all on the path to youth empowerment? This is our power – this is our difference.”
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By Sven Larsen
YGlobal Norway| World YMCA Staff Placement