YMCA4GOOD – Online hub for YMCA Projects

One of the most common things we hear  amongst YMCAs is “we wish we could share our ideas with more people out there” or “we wonder if someone else is doing the same thing as me?”

Well, wonder and wish no more! Here is a way for you to learn, understand and be involved with the fabulous world of the YMCA.


Introducing YMCA4GOOD, an online hub for YMCA Projects

YMCA4GOOD will help you:

  • Get inspired
  • Get advice
  • Get support
  • Get funding
  • Share your work and help others!

To register, please send an email to
hub@ymca.int   to receive a log in invitation.

YMCA4GOOD – Online hub for YMCA Projects – Tutorial

We encourage you to get involved too. No project is too big or small to include! We want to hear all about your YMCAs great work. And your friends (and future friends) do too!

Best of all, YMCA4GOOD has been developed by the YMCA for the YMCA, meaning we won’t sell your data or creepily track your user behavior.

Amplify your voice today.

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