Get ready to be inspired: Tune in Tuesday to the live Ignite Show

Date: 13 January 2023

The global YMCA comes together again – ready to ignite and take the next step on our YMCA Vision 2030 journey. 

The Ignite Show provides a platform for YMCA colleagues and young leaders to come together and share their stories.

The new Ignite Show launches on Tuesday, 17 January 2023, at 14:00 CET and is packed with information on Vision 2030. This high-energy, 45-minute live show is led by the team behind the successful online programme at the 20th World Council in Aarhus, Denmark in July 2022, including:

  • Mafe and Kevin! Maria Fernanda Giraldo (or Mafe, as she is known) from YMCA Latin America & Caribbean, and Kevin Kapeke from YMCA Victoria (Australia) led the World Council Daily Show recaps and return to host the Ignite Show. 
  • Mike Bromfield, Managing Director of Bromfield Events, the virtual programme manager of the first-ever hybrid World Council, returns to oversee this exciting new project.

“The Daily Shows were a popular feature at World Council, thanks to the energy of our hosts, engaging panellists and an entertaining format,” said World YMCA Director of Communications John Phillips. “Our goal is to recapture that excitement and reunite the global Movement while moving forward and presenting the Vision 2030 work that has happened since World Council”. 

Ultimately, the show is about “bringing Vision 2030 to life”, said World YMCA Secretary General Carlos Sanvee. “We hope you will be moved, informed and most of all – inspired.”

See this clip for a sneak peek.  

What to expect

The Ignite Show provides a platform for YMCA colleagues and young leaders to come together, share their stories, and recognise the YMCA Vision 2030 progress. The live show features panel discussions examining how YMCAs are addressing the four Vision 2030 Pillars of impact – Community Wellbeing, Meaningful Work, Sustainable Planet, Just World. Speakers include: 

  • Nam Boo-Wan, General Secretary, Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs
  • Betsabé Véliz Merino, National President, YMCA Peru
  • Rodrigo Puntriano, YMCA Ambassador and volunteer, YMCA Peru
  • Răzvan-Victor Sassu, Head of Strategy & Policy, World YMCA
Mafe and Kevin are back! The duo hosted the Daily Show at the 20th World Council in Denmark.

Mafe and Kevin also bring a wealth of experience. From Bogotá, Colombia, Mafe works with YMCA Latin America & Caribbean as the Facilitator of Sustainable Dreams, developing marketing, communications and fundraising strategies. Along with mountain biking and reading, she loves “having a good talk with a cup of coffee,” making her ideally suited as a host!

Kevin is a Board director for YMCA Victoria, Australia, which works with more than 8,000 young people every year. Kevin serves as Lead for Social Connection and Mental Wellbeing at VicHealth, overseeing projects to design and improve outcomes for young people. 

Where to watch

Bookmark the Ignite Show pageIn addition to watching the show from here, this page is your information hub for Vision 2030. Also, you can download the YMCA Vision 2030 Practical Guide for YMCAs, which provides essential insights and strategies to assist all National Movements.

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Tune in to the live show and be a part of this unique experience!