Global YMCA Video Call for the Environment

Date: 10 June 2013

The YMCA Resource Group on the Environment (YMCA-RGE) invites you to submit your video and show support for the environment at the YMCA Prague Festival in August!

At the YMCA Europe Festival in Prague, this August, thousands of members from YMCAs from all over the world will gather. At the Festival, we will create a Global Call for the Environment. We ask your help in producing a short video clip (maximum 5 seconds) from your YMCA and send that to us. We will then edit together all these clips into a global video call, and present at the Festival!The clip will consist of one or several of your YMCA friends, simply crumbling a piece of paper and throwing at the camera. In the final scene, filmed by us, all that paper will come together and land in a recycling bin, and then re-merge, to be reused! Read the detailed instructions on how to film and submit your video at: (deadline 20th June)!

What is the YMCA Resource Group on the Environment (RGE)?
The YMCA RGE is an international advocacy team of YMCA members from diverse national movements around the globe. The group seeks to promote the environment and sustainable development within the YMCA, help coordinate programs and actions among member branches and create a global voice for the movement on these issues. Through engagement with the UN and other international organisations, the RGE aims to ensure that the YMCA and the youth have a say in global processes and frameworks.

The group was set up by the YMCA delegation after the United Nations World Conference on Sustainable Development: Rio +20 in 2012, with support from the World Alliance of YMCAs. It meets online on a weekly basis and recently represented the YMCA at the UN Climate Conference in Qatar, and will do so again at the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw this year.

To get to know more about us visit : or send us a message at