Programme elements

National Projects are defined as projects implemented by national organizations/societies/ operators/associations of the Big Six, with the aim of:

  • inspiring young people to contribute to COVID-19 recovery and response efforts through supporting their local communities through voluntary service activities.
  • providing opportunities to alleviate the negative impact of the pandemic on young people though the delivery of non-formal education and learning activities.

Local Solutions are defined as innovative ideas coming from a group of young people that tackle a specific COVID-19-related challenge in their local community. The group of young people can be informal, or a youth-led organization, and can come from both young people associated with one or more of the Big Six or not.

Accelerator Programme Projects are local initiatives that have been selected by a jury of peers and experts as most promising for replication and scaling and will go through a programme of supporting the further development of the ideas and formulating them into projects with larger scope/reach. The accelerator programme will accept a limited number of local initiatives, and further details about the support that will be provided to each will be defined in the coming months (ahead of the Global Youth Summit).

Global Youth Summit (scheduled for 23-25 April), a digital event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions young people already made in COVID-19 response and inspiring them to further action.

Digital Platform with relevant resources for improving young people’s chances of personal and professional development.

Development of tools and resources to support young people’s efforts in advocating for their needs in COVID-19 response and recovery plans at local, national, regional, and global level.