Global Youth Research – One Million Voices 2

What is it?

The first YMCA global research – YMCA One Million Voices – released its findings in 2015. Sixty national YMCAs contributed to what we believe is the world’s largest ever research of 15-24 year olds. The results highlight young people’s critical needs in the areas of employment, health and civic engagement.
Ongoing research is an important part of OUR WAY strategy. The next One Million Voices research was developed, piloted and announced in 2016. It will be launched in February 2017 to all national movement s and the results released in 2018. Importantly, this research is qualitative and will build on and support the quantitative results from the first research.

Why we do it?

Listening to the world young people is crucial so we hear and understand those we aim to serve. Responding to the research and making programmatic and strategic decisions is the outcome.

The research gives a voice to young people and their concerns and needs. The scientific results strengthens the position of the YMCA in society and in the local, national and global political spaces.

OMV 2 will go deeper with national movements having the opportunity to ask more young people about what is important to them and how the YMCA can better support their voices to be heard.


Share: The programme for National Movements will be launched in February 2017
Develop: National Movements have between March and September 2017 to complete their local research.
Report: The results will be reported in 2018.

Who will do what?

National and Local Levels:
Movements are invited to continue to share and use the results of OMV 1 and take part in OMV 2.

Area Levels:
Offer support to coordination of the second OMV research project.

Global Level: Leadership of the second research launch.

Further information: Michal Szymanczak

Launch video of One Million Voices phase 1 – November, 2015

One Million Voices  WEBSITE Click here