Go Camp volunteering opportunity in Ukraine

Date: 24 April 2018

Dear International Friends!

Warm greetings from Kiev, Ukraine!

Let me share with you the details  about the GoCamp volunteering opportunity in Ukraine. Some information I have already shared with those YMCA General Secretaries, who attended the World YMCA NGSs meeting in Switzerland in February this year, but here comes some additional (Power Point Presentation – see photo gallery below) and more detailed information.

Ukraine needs volunteers to come for two week programs this summer (in June and August) to teach kids English, German and French at all over the country. The volunteers will help teachers to design projects and tasks including outdoor activities to improve the children’s knowledge of English/German/French and of course enjoying the time spent with the children, volunteers and teachers.

The main program goal is to educate a new generation of active and learning citizens of Ukraine, capable of lifelong learning and being prepared for the challenges of the 21st century and being open to other cultures and experiences. The program volunteer becomes a mentor for the children helping them break language and cultural barriers.

The GoCamp project is organized in the framework of the GoGlobal initiative jointly by the Ukrainian NGO Global Office in the partnership with the YMCA Ukraine, and is aimed at promoting language learning, fostering intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy. The Global Office has among their founders and supporters some Members of the Ukrainian Parliament, belonging to the Presidential (Poroshenko) Party. They have strong support from the administration of the President, regional and local authorities, different Embassies (including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc – the Ambassadors personally took part in some promotional events on the program), have some financial support from different donors. The program has used in 2016-2017 more than 500 international volunteers from 60 countries and involved 69,900 students from all over Ukraine. For this year the goal is to bring around 850 international volunteers for around 850 school day camps.

The deadline for international volunteer applications is May 15, 2018 for those, who do not require visas for Ukraine and volunteer in June. For those, who would like to volunteerv in August, the deadline for the applications is July 15. If the volunteers need visa to come to Ukraine, they have to apply as soon as possible, because the visa application process requires time!

Volunteers have to pay for their international travel to/from Ukraine and for their insurance. Beyond $75.00 participation fee, the volunteers will need in Ukrainian money only to pay for 1 meal per day during the volunteering in the camp, and to cover personal expenses (the recommended amount is 100 USD per week, for 2 weeks – $200)

All other expenses will be covered, the volunteers will be met at Kiev airport and brought to a training facility for a three day orientation (all accommodation and meals will be covered), transportation to and from the community in which you will be working is provided. Volunteers will mainly be hosted by families or in hostels. Each volunteer will be provided a separate room. Families and the schools will provide breakfast and lunch. Volunteers will be provided a SIM-card for local phone calls, provided with support from office staff and a 24/7 hotline during volunteering days. These and other details are indicated on the website for the global office, dedicated to the GoCamp program:   Go Camp Program : click here for more info

Please, let me know if you have any questions. Hope to here from you soon.

All the best,

Viktor Serbulov
YMCA Ukraine-  General Secretary
+38 067 465 54 14

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