Local Solutions to the Pandemic Recovery

Youth-led solutions to the pandemic recovery are at the heart of the Global Youth Mobilization. It is essential that structures are put in place to harness the surge of youth-led activism, creative solutions, passion and commitment seen since the start of the pandemic. To date, the Global Youth Mobilization (GYM) has received more than 1,600 Local Solutions applications from 70 countries.

This is a unique and world-first open call to all young people, regardless of background or location, to submit their solutions to the health and societal COVID-19 challenges facing young people and their communities today.

Local Solutions are a direct investment in young people for their innovative ideas that tackle a specific COVID-19-related challenge in their local communities. These will be judged and decided on by young people and experts on juries appointed by the Global Youth Mobilization. Funding will be available in four tiers, from $500 through to $5,000.

We invite individual young people, informal groups and youth-led grassroots organizations to submit their ideas and solutions to COVID-19 response for the opportunity to receive direct funding to implement their idea. A small number of these local solutions will also be selected for upscaling and replication through an accelerator program.