Hanan joins HP LIFE

Date: 01 May 2022

Hanan is a Vocational Evaluator who works at the East Jerusalem YMCA within its Career Advancement Center. She lives in Jerusalem and comes from a family-based conservative community. “Women face more difficulties in finding opportunities, in a community that lacks opportunities”, Hanan said.

Hanan has worked previously as a Psychosocial Counselor in the East Jerusalem YMCA’s Rehabilitation Program. She has experience working with marginalized young people in Jerusalem who face difficulties as teenagers growing up in such a conflicted zone. She expressed, “Young people are dropping out of schools, and they face difficulties planning for their future ”.

She is very enthusiastic about introducing the HP LIFE project to the local youth. Since learning will be available equally to all individuals, they can use available technology to help them achieve better opportunities. HP LIFE provides various topics that are crucial for one’s self-development at the professional level. “You can access the platform anywhere, and anytime,” Hanan explained. Not only that, it is helpful to find the variety of subjects presented in the modules from a trusted source, as this encourages young men and women to join the project.

As soon as Hanan started introducing the project to local youth, she received real interest from them to join the platform especially after they saw how the platform functions. They learn more by interacting with the sessions. “Getting the certificate immediately after finishing the module motivates them to enroll in new modules,” Hanan added. The participants had new ideas and gained new skills from the very first lessons.

The Career Advancement Center offers workstations for Jerusalemite youth, which include laptops and internet connection to enhance the participant’s experience. This also enables the trainer to supervise their enrollment and make sure everything is running smoothly.

The East Jerusalem YMCA considers its partnership with HP LIFE a great way to foster digital equity among marginalized youth in the community. This will also enhance the services provided by its Career Advancement Center and give additional means for youth to attain better opportunities in their lives.