Happy YMCA day 6th of June !

Date: 06 June 2012

The YMCA worldwide celebrates 6th of June as the YMCA day. Congratulations to all of you!

This year more than ever it is timely to celebrate the name of the YMCA and all the good things it holds! We have decided to wake up the Sleeping Giant and see to it that the Sleeping Giant gets up and becomes visible and noticeable in the world.

YMCA has never been sleeping in the 12000 local communities where we are represented. YMCA is alive and kicking! YMCA is relevant and delivering its good work to people of all ages and all backgrounds. But first of all the YMCA is about young people. This is our DNA; this is the core of the YMCA, the heart and sense of the YMCA.

The YMCA is a Sleeping Giant as a collective, in the world at large! We need to give YMCA a unifying message, a message that we can all embrace and unify around.

That is why we are focusing on the good slogan:

The YMCA change model is easily recognised in the three elements, Space, Transformation and Impact.

The YMCA is a good Space for young people, a welcoming Space, an open and free Space. In this Space Young people get access to all the values and tools and equipment, love and care which the YMCA can give, and through that young people are transformed, growing as human beings. From this transformation they go to have Impact, on their own lives, on the lives of their peers, on the local community.

We, as the worldwide YMCA, are going to have Impact. We are going to grow into a leader in the Youth Agenda in the world today.

We only need to wake up the Sleeping Giant! We will soon have 200 Change Agents from around the globe to help us with that. Just wait and see.

And on October 13 comes the YMCA World  Challenge. You still do not know what that is? 
Here it is >>>

Happy YMCA day 6th of June!