How did you experience YMCA175?

Date: 09 August 2019

We invite you to read some of the responses and reactions delegates provided about their transformative experience at YMCA175.

Monique, Katyuscia and Rodrigo, Brazil, delegates

Monique, Katyuscia and RodrigoWe experienced so many smiles and good energy. The event was incredible and well organised. We learnt a lot about other YMCAs and we can see why this movement is going to save the world.

Erin, Ireland, volunteer

It was great meeting different people from other YMCAs. Volunteering at YMCA175 was an exciting and exhausting experience. It was very nice to experience what other YMCAs do.

Nicola, Palestine, delegation coordinator

We had a lot of opportunities to expand our network. YMCA175 is a great platform to meet many current and future partners. We exchanged a lot with other YMCAs. My regret? We did not have enough time to meet all the people we wanted to talk with.

Dr. Pala Molisa, Vanuatu, Pacific Islands, speaker

I really appreciated the range of different projects YMCA is involved in. I met a lot of amazing people who do amazing work. This event was inspiring but somehow also heartbreaking. I see these young people are doing so much with little support and little resources. I wonder if as adults we are ready to have uncomfortable conversations to take responsibility in challenging our systems of power and our institutions that are producing the mess young people are having to address. During my speech, I told the young people that everything they need is inside themselves. It’s ok not to know yet what to do next, the most important thing is to take the time to reflect within ourselves. And adults should do the same: to address issues such as climate change or poverty, we need to look within at our own denial and avoidance of the roots of these crises.

Lantonirina Rakotomalala, Madagascar, General Secretary of Africa Alliance of YMCA

It was a unique and great opportunity to meet as a family. Not many international organisations celebrate their 175th anniversary. It was truly a high moment. Having the descendants of our Founder and our former Secretary General was very powerful. I liked the fact that this event was really a Youth event. Our Young People were at the frontline and it was fantastic.