How do we want to shape our society?

Topic: Change Agents blog

Date: 17 October 2023

Change Agent Geraldine Maier from Switzerland recently had the chance to reflect on this question and many more as part of a volunteering experience at YMCA Medellín (Colombia). She wrote about her month-long experience in Swiss news source Ajour; read the complete article here.

I got a personal insight into the local YMCA of Medellín”, she said. “I was confronted with a brutal and difficult reality, and at the same time, I got to know many people who are committed to improving the lives of young people and opening up new perspectives for them. 

In the article, she writes about the joys and challenges of teaching English to young children and learning how kids and young people face the persistent threat of gun violence.

This experience has, more than ever, led me to the conviction that every human being has individual abilities that offer great added value to our society”, Geraldine said. “This experience also showed how differently YMCAs work - the activities in Switzerland are very different from those in Colombia. I was able to experience a unique cultural exchange and make many new friends. I hope many others can benefit from experiences like the one I was fortunate to have.