Indigenous people: a message received from the National YMCA of Argentina

Date: 13 June 2013

Qom leader Felix Diaz (Photo: Patricio Guillamón)

The oblivion of indigenous peoples

The marginalization and exclusion suffered by indigenous peoples is a disgrace for the whole society in many areas of the world. What is happening with the Qom community, in the Province of Formosa, Republic of Argentina, is an example of misfortune that hurts human heart and conscience. There we see, besides marginalization and exclusion, racism, prejudice and violence, giving rise to death. Indigenous peoples are made of brothers and sisters whose basic rights are being violated. All of us, citizens of the world, should assume the existence of this calamity and make our voice, stentorian and clear, heard in favour of justice and of respect for human dignity. What is happening in Argentina is an example of what is going on in too many places of this planet.  Pope Francis has recently referred to this subject in St. Peter’s Square and the international press has described, by way of negative experience, the sufferings of the Qom community in Argentina.