Innovation Camp

28 October – 2 November 2019

Local Influencers for Global Good

World YMCA, in partnership with eLab is inviting you to an international innovation camp in Switzerland to explore your own purpose, create solutions to meet the needs of your local community and to empower you to train other people with the same focus.

With challenges such as the digitisation and automation of jobs and the global ecological crisis, there is a need for people who create local solutions for global good. YMCA has always had the focus to enable others. A core part of being a global influencer is to pass on this knowledge of projects both big and small.

It is on a pay forward basis. The core costs of the camp are covered, but you are required to pass on all learning to others as payment.



An international innovation camp to explore your own purpose, create solutions to meet the needs of your local community and to empower you to train other people with the same focus. Examples of the activities/toolkit below. Reporting success, lessons learnt and feedback will be part of the process after the camp.


The camp is based in the cities of Lucern and Bern in Switzerland.  It will be based in a number of creative and co working spaces in these cities. You will be staying in a capsule hotel and YMCA hostel.


The camp is completely free (Normally valued at $2000 per place), we just ask that you multiply out what you learn by passing it on. To attend you have to apply, all successful applicants will have all their accommodation, food, materials and transport within the camp covered. You just need to get yourself to the camp .


14:00 Monday 28 October 2019 until 14:00 2 November 2019 .


The innovation camp is designed for up to 9 teams of two people, who are aged between 18-30. Importantly you are looking to either start a business, organization, association or initiative, or take one to the next level, rather than just talk about it. Also they need to ready to pass on what they have learned to others.


To help develop new skills, processes and focus, while building your global network. Meeting like minded people and using the time to help bring momentum to what you want to be doing locally.


This is the basis of the camp’s program, but there will be plenty of time for networking together.

ELab Game Map

A real board game that helps navigate you through your project initiation and personal positioning.

ELab Sprint Map

A journal to aid your development, including what is learned during the camp.

Practical active learning

All training will have a focus on small groups and be interactive. Ensuring it is all practically applicable to your project.


Using tools like Gallop Strengths Finder 2.0 to focus in on your strengths and use this as a basis for your personal development.


Using tools like the Value – ME Test to find out what drives you and is important to you and therefore to your project.

Mind Training

Techniques to focus our minds, habits and decision making.  Help to better connect your thoughts better to your actions.


Peter Schiffhauer
Senior Coach and Serial Entrepreneur

Peter stands for innovation and multiplication. Discovering talents and hidden abilities is his passion. Being the energetic entrepreneur he is, he also works as a trainer for self-multiplying movements. He is co-founder of the eLab Entrepreneurs Promotion Program, which helps young entrepreneurs with finding, starting and running their own business. Peter is co-founder of Hirschengraben – Innovation and Coworking in Lucerne and has accompanied the creation of other spaces as a coach.

Schiffhauer – Interior Design
Hirschengraben – Coworking Space and Innovation
Capsule Hotel – First swiss Capsule Hotel
The Coaches – Gallup Strengthfinder Coaching
Elab Training – Training for young entrepreneurs
Value-Me – Online value-test


Matthias Tobler
Serial Impact Entrepreneur and Ecosystem Builder

Matthias is passionate about unlocking the potential of people and ideas. He pioneers new companies, entrepreneurial ecosystems and urban villages. As a serial entrepreneur he carries a deep desire for social justice and transformation. With his first startup he distributed 8 million meals to malnourished children in three nations in Africa. Today he leads the “Institute for Value Based Entrepreneurship”, designs and builds organizations and ecosystems and coaches young entrepreneurs. He cofounded Effinger Coworking Space, various training programs and a Inkubator for Urban Villages.

JAM – International development Agency
Effinger – Coworking Space and coffee shop
Elab Training – Training for young entrepreneurs
PolitikPraxis – Training for politicians
IVE – Training for students at several Universities
Urbane Dörfer – a new way of living, working and learning
Matthias Tobler – Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker


Ben Hodson
Serial Entrepreneur & Campaign Builder

Ben has been integral to several creative and business start-up projects in the UK and in Western Europe. This includes multinational companies, social enterprises, charities and even a political party. Out of the profits of the businesses he runs, he helps to tackle social challenges. Including issues around the European migration crisis. He enjoys helping people realise their potential whilst implementing strategic plans towards ambitious goals. In a nutshell, his passion for creativity is paired with a love for building great communities and projects.

Seraph – A full service agency for world changers
Go Montgenevre – Tour operator in French Alps
Snow Cab – Ski resort transfers, in France & Italy
Snow Holiday – Travel agent in the Alps
Spoon Customs – Custom-made steel road bikes – Venues and events, simplified