Innovation Camp

Innovation’s Camp, in Leysin, Switzerland – 28 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2017

What is it?

The YMCA Innovation Camp brings together leaders from the movement to have intensive training around successful youth empowerment programmes with the view to implement them in their local YMCAs.

As an example, in 2016, 4 programme methodologies were offered. Ten Sing (Leadership Development Through Performing arts) Youth and Parliament (Development of Civic Engagement Competences through simulation of parliament sessions), Savings and Investment Clubs (self-help groups that provide skills development in income generating opportunities) and Environmental Advocacy (Development of Climate Change advocacy initiatives).

Why we do it…

This event provides participants an opportunity to learn about their chosen innovation and start a journey that aims to see long term impact in local and national YMCAs.   Each participant returns home to implement their innovation in their community and country. Again, the overall goal is to empower more young people in local communities.


The 2017 event will happen in September, 2017Develop: The 2017 innovation topics will be announced early 2017 and shared with the movement so interested leaders can commence planningIntegration: We encourage you to consider learning from these successful programmes so that you may activate them locally.

Who does what?

National and Local Levels:   Consider innovation topics, potential participants and share with the World YMCA flagship programmes to be considered as part of future Innovation Camps.

Area Levels:   promotion and support of the  Gobal Level

Global Level:   World YMCA hosts the event and is responsible for coordination.

Further information: Romulo Dantas