Jericho, an important milestone in the new way Strategy

Date: 28 March 2013

View of Jericho

The 63rd Executive Committee of the World Alliance of YMCA will take place from 4-7 April, hosted by the East Jerusalem YMCA in Jericho. The Executive Committee is the highest governing body of the World Movement between two World Councils and meets once every year. The Committee is composed of 33 representatives of all the five geographical regions among which are 8 young people and 11 women.

The meeting in Jerusalem comes exactly a year after the Nairobi meeting during which the statement on Youth Empowerment was adopted as the core focus of the world movement, giving impetus to the NEW WAY strategy and  culminating the journey began in Hong Kong to  Estes Park, Colorado. The 63rd gathering of the Executive is therefore an important milestone in reviewing, defining and grounding actions that will see successful implementation of the NEW WAY strategy. 

Important expected outcomes of the meeting include:

– Discussion on the next strategic directions of the world movement 2014-2018. This will include a consultative process with National Movements for ownership and collective preparedness;

– Discussion and approval of the 18th World Council Programme process;

– Update on the Change Agent initiative and the next milestone: Prague festival; and

– Deliberations of specialised committee such as Investment and John R Mott Foundation.

The 63rd session also presents a unique opportunity for the leaders of the world movement to be exposed to the realities of Israel and Palestine and also to express their solidarity with the people affected and afflicted by the ongoing crisis in the region. Participants will visit YMCA programmes empowering youth in Jericho and Beit Sahour, not forgetting some historic sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Dr Saeb Erikat, Head of the Palestinian negotiating team, will address the committee as key note speaker.

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Carlos Sanvee
Advisor to the Secretary General, Communication and Branding

World E-News – March 2013 (pdf version)