Our key impact areas

Through our research, World YMCA has heard directly from young people about the issues that are important to them. In response, the World YMCA collaborates with YMCAs and partners around the world, to provide youth with opportunities to build their knowledge and skills, discover their personal identity and purpose, and take an active role in transforming communities through four key impact areas:

Health: To help youth thrive and reach their full potential, YMCAs help them overcome barriers to accessing quality health education and services to improve their holistic well-being in spirit, mind and body.

Employment: Young people have a right to contribute to the world’s economic development and the YMCA is committed to help youth access job training and opportunities for meaningful employment for greater individual and family stability and security.

Civic Engagement: Civic engagement is a vital component of a healthy democracy and the YMCA empowers young people to lead change in their communities through civic action and advocacy, gender equality, youth justice and leadership development.

Environment: Every young person has the right to live in a sustainable environment and the YMCA provides a platform for youth to advocate for and contribute to  the reduction of environmental degradation.